Wednesday, 12 June 2013

2013 No breeding attempt

The nest tray and camera was installed in February, and the birds were occasionally seen in the tray in March.  The female spent quite a lot of time in the nest tray scraping on 20th/21st March and it seemed egg-laying was imminent.  We then had some very unseasonal weather and the nest tray (and everything else) was covered in several inches of snow which took many days to clear due to very low temperatures.  We assumed that this pair would attempt to nest later but, alas, it proved not to be.  Bob and I took the nest tray and camera was taken down again earlier this week, to allow the architect and workmen access again to survey and inspect the spire, which will need the top 4 or 5 metres taking off and rebuilding next year.  We hope that the Peregrines will nest here again in 2015 onwards.

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